Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Getting Premier League tickets from Australia

I've never left the country before, so don't be too jealous, but tommorow I will be flying to London and taking in Chelsea v Newcastle on Saturday (hoping Mark Viduka gets a game).

I would like to offer some tips on getting Premier League tickets, for anyone who is thinking of doing this:

- First place to try is the Australian Supporters group (have a search in google, you will find one for most clubs), some of them have a process so that you can apply through them and get tickets to a game. I know Aresnal and Tottenham allow you to do this... just make sure you get in early, because often there is only a small window that you can make your applications, this is usually a little over 10 weeks out from the game.

- Try ringing the club, discussing the situation. They will help you work out the best way you can get tickets from them, this will probably involve becoming a member, unless it's one of the less popular clubs.

- Have a look at fan forums, they may have unofficial ticket exchange processes that don't require you to be a member. If you are only trying to get one or two tickets this might be a good way of doing it.

- Last resort is ticket onsellers. They will often charge well over 100 pounds for a ticket, but might be a good way to get one or two tickets. Just search in google for "Premier League tickets" or "Chelsea Tickets" etc.

I will be posting reports and photos of my experience here at some point...

Bye for now,