Friday, June 12, 2009

Gold Coast and Brisbane 2009-10 Shirts

The last remaining kits, not previously leaked, for the upcoming A-league season have recently been revealed by Gold Coast United and the Brisbane Roar. Pictures are below.

88439298_10 [Desktop Resolution]


One interesting point is how the Gold Coast’s kit clashes with that of the Central Coast (see previous blog: As mentioned in that blog, a few kits seem likely to cause problems when certain teams come up against each other this season. When the Mariners travel to Skilled Park, they will have no suitable clash strip to wear for the game. It is likely that this will force the Gold Coast to wear their white strip at home.

It’s all well and good that the Mariners came up with a striped kit as their home strip (incidentally, what are the odds that the FFA were the ones that pushed this, knowing that the Gold Coast wanted an all-yellow strip), and to have a yellow away kit, but these two strips really don’t clash. Perhaps a 3rd kit would have been a good idea for them (and maybe a couple of other sides).

Still, Reebok have definitely improved their kit designs a lot this season. Might have something to do with their contract expiring next year.


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